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  • For additional administrative aide:

Science Accueil (6 boulevard Dubreuil  91400 Orsay) can help you with: visa, residence permits, work permits, taxes, health insurance, opening a bank account, insurance...

Do not hesitate to contact Sandra RICHARD < > in Orsay or Katrin SALHAB < > in Evry, who are experts in legal and administrative matters.    

Science Accueil assists international scientifics in their integration on French soil and provides you with relevant information:
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Getting your visa

Since January 2012, consulates can grant scientists a VLS-TS (long term visa valid as a residence permit) valid for 1 year. This visa, which does not require a visit to the Préfecture, can be a valid residence permit as long as the bearer has completed the necessary formalities at the OFII, during the 3 months following her/his arrival in France.   Normally the consulate provides the official form to fill out for the OFFI. If not, you can find the form at the OFFI site here site of OFFI 

You will find on e-International Welcome Office all information from Paris Saclay University about your coming in France.

If you live in the sector of Palaiseau  If you need help with immigration services for your first residence permit or for renewal of your residence permit and you live in Essonne the “Maison des Études” of Université Paris Sud will help you prepare your dossier and organise an appointment with the immigration services. We note that the service for renewal of residence permits for those under the jurisdiction of Palaiseau has greatly improved.

You can request an appointment with the Maison des Études by email  or phone: You will find them at- Rue du Château - RdC du Bât 311 - Le Moulin.