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  • When can I (re-)register? 
In general registration opens in the second week of July, after the fees have been finalised.

  • How do I organise the thesis defence?
Rules for the timing and the composition of the jury are explained here

  • Can I present a thesis projet this year?
Check the rules here under "For the supervisors"
  • Can I take part in the competition for a doctoral fellowship if I defend my Master 2 in September?
 Yes, no problem. It would be good, however, to get a letter of appreciation from the responsible for your Masters programme to include in your application documents.
  • What should I do if one of the reviewers of my thesis is not able to send the report in time, i.e. for the 21 days before the planned defence?
 In such a case, please ask the reviewer to send an email to Jacqui Shykoff and Marianne Delarue for the 21 days before the defence at the latest, stating that the thesis is of a quality to be defended. The full rapport can arrive a bit later. With this email we can sign the documents that authorise the defence
  • When can I apply for a doctoral fellowship for “Sciences du Végétal”?
The thesis subjects are posted on line each year in mid-March. The competition takes place in the last week of June. You can find the rules for the competition here.