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– Each autumn your doctoral school, together with the association of the doctoral candidates Doc'en Herbe, organises, PhD Days, that includes a general assembly and the internal scientific meeting of the doctoral school. PhD Days is useful, interesting and fun. Don’t miss it! This year they will take place the 4-6 November, 2015.

– The doctoral school organises a "Postdoc writing workshop" most months, from October to May, to help you write proposals for your professional project. PhD candidates in their third year will receive emails announcing this. You can contact Jacqui SHYKOFF, director of the doctoral school, for details. 

– Each year at the end of June, l'Université Paris Sud organises a graduation ceremony for doctoral diplomas for our graduates. The doctoral school helps organise the invitations for the graduates. This is a festive moment to celebrate your accomplishment!

-- Each summer the doctoral school participates in the European PhD retreat in Plant Science. In 2015 we will organise the retreat in Orsay.