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Who are we? 
All PhD students in France must be associated with a Doctoral School. The Doctoral School « Sciences du Végétal: du gène à l’écosystème » is one of the doctoral schools of Université Paris-Sud 11, where its office and some of its sites  are located. However it also comprises other research institutes from Paris and the southern suburbs of Paris that are associated with INRA, the CNRS and Universities Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris-Diderot.  
The research groups in which our doctoral students carry out their research investigate different branches of plant sciences, from genes to ecosystems.  
The Doctoral School provides certain services and makes certain demands. The Doctoral School « Sciences du Végétal: du gène à l’écosystème » wants doctoral candidates to carry out the best thesis possible and does its best to facilitate this. The Doctoral School expects its doctoral candidates to take some courses, to set up a thesis committee and meet with them regularly, to discuss how their thesis can help prepare their future. The Doctoral School also helps with university administrative details for registration each year and for their thesis defence and helps the PhD student organisation with PhD-Days, the annual scientific meeting for the PhD students. 

You can consult the "Règlement intérieur" of our Doctoral School.

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