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Thesis defence

We remind you that all the administrative tasks for the PhD defence must be performed by the PhD student him/herself. 
The link to the access and for the administrative forms is here.

To access ADUM please click on "Accéder au portail Adum" and then log into your page.
There you need to click on the button "I cancel finalisation and I modify my data"
In your "Private space", under "Procedures", choose "I will defend my thesis in the next 3 months"
There, please fill in all the required information for the defence. You may plan a date, even a provisional one, during the coming 5 months.
After saving you will have access to the documents for the defence (reviewers, jury, etc.)

You can find a model of the cover page of the thesis here. Please use this general format. You can add the logos of your lab or institution.
Please note that you do not designate the president of the jury. The president is chosen by the jury at the defence.

Designating the reviewers (“rapporteurs”): 
The two written reviewers  
- Must have their “habilitation à diriger des recherches” (HDR) or equivalent   
- Must be exterior to Université Paris-Saclay and the doctoral school  
- May not have collaborated with the doctoral candidate or been a member of the thesis committee
- Must be from two different laboratories  

- Should provide a cv if a foreigner without HDR  
At least one of the reviewers must attend the thesis defence as part of the jury.  
Choosing the jury:   
The jury is composed of:  
- 5-6 members  
- at least 50% professors or equivalent (Directeur de Recherche)  
- at least 50% affiliated with neither Université Paris-Saclay nor the doctoral school  
- at least one member affiliated with Université Paris-Saclay (Professor, Lecturer or Researcher) other than the thesis supervisor
- the thesis supervisor must be part of the jury 

For more information on the selection of your jury panel: please read "To choose a jury" .  
We remind you that Marianne Delarue must validate your jury before signing the documents.
Calendar for the thesis defence  
  • AT LEAST 3 months before the defence (2 months as an absolute minimum). Please note that it is possible to designate the reviewers before the final date is fixed, but you will need to give a provisional date. 
 Discuss, with Marianne Delarue, that your choice of reviewers and jury members (if already decided) correspond to the rules listed above. 
On your ADUM platform, fill in the information for reviewers and jury members (if already decided), print out at least the “designation des rapporteurs”, get it signed and take it to the administration.  
Finalise the composition of the jury members with Marianne Delarue. SHE knows all the rules, and this will prevent you from putting together a jury that will not be approved. Finish filling in the details for your defence on your ADUM platform and print the “proposition du jury” and the “authorisation de soutenance”. Get these papers signed and give them to Marianne or Jacqui for their signature at least 1 month before the date of the defence.  
Send your manuscript to the reviewers and other jury members as early as possible. The reports of the reviewers must arrive at the Doctoral School at least 4 weeks before the defence.  
For information: The reviewers send their written reports to Marianne Delarue or Jacqui Shykoff who, as soon as they arrive, sign the authorisation for the defence and send it to the president for signature. Marianne and Jacqui also forward the reports to the candidates who should take the comments into account in their oral presentation.  
  • You must upload a .pdf of your thesis on your ADUM platform which can be changed by the library during your appointment. Please programme an appointment with the library, whom you can contact by email <> or telephone 01 69 15 61 66, at least 1 week before the defence.
  • Please print the "Procès Verbal de soutenance" from your ADUM page and give it to the president of your jury at the defence.
  • After the defence
Follow this link to find out all information you will need.
Please send us a copy of "Procès Verbal de soutenance" signed by the President of the jury to