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Joining our PhD programme

In order to do a PhD with us you must have funding. Our doctoral candidates have funding from diverse sources: Those who succeeded in the annual competition for fellowships are funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (see the section “The annual competition”)

  • Doctoral Fellowships 
Each year the Ministry of Higher Education and Research grants doctoral fellowships to the doctoral schools via the Universities. Each Doctoral School organises a competition to choose their future doctoral candidates - for this Doctoral School the competition takes place in late June. 
Click for information about the Doctoral Contract of Université Paris Sud. 

 Thesis projets for the current year are posted on our site in March. 

  • Other sources of funding 
Others are financed by research projects obtained by their supervisors, by partnerships with private industry or by the French Ministry of Foreign Affaires or their national governments. 
In either case you will need to secure the support of a PhD supervisor. Please, therefore, before contacting the Doctoral School, contact potential thesis supervisors and find one who is interested in supervising of your thesis or accepting you as candidate for the competition. To find the research teams and supervisors who interest you, please go to “Research teams for PhD students” and visit their web sites.

All of our doctoral candidates must have a salary, either from public (e.g. university, regional authorities, research foundations...) or private (e.g. industry) sources. 
- Scholarships from the French (BGF) or foreign governments (BGE) 
The Agency Campus France organises international scientific mobility and manages many foreign scholarships. You can find a listing of their scholarships here
Foreign governements also finance doctoral studies of their nationals. Try to find out about support from your government for doing your PhD abroad.
Campus France offers scholarships through programs
- Sciences sans frontières 
CONACYT with Mexique and others Here the offers on line

-The CSC program (Chinese Scholarship Council), with China: 6 projects. You can apply untill 20 decembre 2019!

Deciphering the mode of action of SKL, the Medicago truncatula ortholog of EIN2, in the control of nodulation 
Defense vs senescence mechanisms in Medicago truncatula nodules 
Antioxidant-dependent signaling in plant responses to oxidative stress in air and at high CO2 
A 3 Dimensional functional genomics approach to identify hidden targets controlling heat stress response in wheat 
Use of beneficial microbes to improve plant development under climate change conditions 

- CIFRE Scholarships
CIFREs are partnerships between industry and the public research sector. The thesis takes 3 years and places the doctoral candidate at the public-private sector interface. The ANRT (Association Nationale Recherche Autonomie) coordinates CIFREs.
- International cooperative thesis (Cotutelle/ Avenant de cotutelle) 
A thesis can be carried out in cooperation between two countries, with a supervisor from each. This requires a formal agreement between the universities in the two countries.  The thesis is then carried out following these criteria: 
– the doctoral candidate is under cosupervision; 
– the thesis work is carried out in in both places; 
– the language of the dissertation is fixed by the formal agreement;  
– there is a single oral defence in one of the countries, fixed by the formal agreement, but the doctor receives two doctoral diplomas. 
International Relations of University Paris Sud provides some financial support for doctoral candidates carrying out a thesis in "cotutelle".
  All information via this link on Paris Saclay University.